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Boost your sales with strategically planned Paid Search Marketing.

Fastest Way to Increase Traffic

It is well known in this industry, that your business MUST be seen in the top 5 results in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Consumers seldom search past these results. Pay Per Click Marketing is the fastest way to get an advertisement for your business to show in the top 5 results (in the sponsored advertisements) on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Landing page design and integration.

Our design experts will create Custom Landing Pages for your business. Our focus is on generating more inbound leads and sales. In addition we will ensure your landing page looks great on any device.
Google’s sponsored ads are driven very heavily on their relevancy – from the key phrase to the ad text to the landing page. This creates the best user experience and allows clients to target and receive very refined, qualified traffic. We have solutions for all of your integration needs,

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the most popular form of paid search marketing and is highly effective. However, it is just one way that paid search marketing works. There are actually other ways and methods to get sponsored advertising for your website in front of your consumers.

Display Marketing

Display Marketing is also an extremely effective tool in advertising and can be found on just about every major website. These eye catching banners and ads found throughout web sites, attempt to entice you to click on them with flashy graphics or attention grabbing calls to action.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising, especially on Facebook, allows client’s to target specific demographics of Facebook users. This type of advertising has gone viral considering the high traffic of consumers who visit Facebook on a daily basis.

Google Shopping Ads

It is no secret, Google is the #1 search engine, hands-down over other search engines. Google Sponsored Ads provide our client’s with yet another way to reach their prospects in other relevant places on the web. We encourage our client’s to at least consider how it might work for their marketing.

Video Advertising

Very similar to Google contextual ads via Google AdWords, clients have the ability to strategically place advertisements into videos completed by others. Next time you are watching a video on YouTube notice the ads that come up during the video you are watching.

Video Display

Another form of video advertising is click to play video ads, which allow clients to create video ads that can be placed on publishers’ websites for even more branding, exposure and marketing.

Ad scheduling

Ad scheduling allows clients to select specific days and times of the day to run their ads. This is extremely helpful for clients who are very familiar with their customer peak hours and when they are prepared to respond timely to consumer requests.

Consistent Traffic

As a Digital Design company, it is critical to drive people to your website as consistently as possible. Low traffic is not good for any business. One effective way to control traffic is by paid advertisements. Traffic can be controlled as they are tied directly to how much the advertiser is willing to spend per click, each day and throughout the month.

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Before you invest in Paid Advertising – Contact the experts-Peak Digital Designs

Relevance and Researching KeyWords

Search results are all about relevance and researching keywords. When consumers are searching the internet for a specified item, Google’s advanced algorithms are used to detect relevancy and generate specific results. Together, working with our clients, we will advise and select key phrases for conversions and return on investment that will appear in ads.


Set your PPC budget

Initially, when creating a budget, one must consider their expectations and amount they have to spend on the specified campaign. When a consumer clicks on one of their advertisements, the advertiser will be charged for that one click. Click prices vary depending on the key words or phrases used to trigger the advertisements.


Implement & Optimize

One of the most overlooked advantages of paid search marketing is the ability to test online. We have the ability to test a campaign in AdWords, let it run the ads for a specified number of days, and then analyze the data.


Monitor, Report & Adapt

We watch our paid campaigns closely, reporting to our clients with weekly results. This allows for adjustments and permits our clients to adjust their spending accordingly. If our clients decide to stop paying for key phrases then the ads will come offline. If the client decides that they want their ads to show up higher or more frequently, they have an opportunity to increase their bids on selected key phrases. Clients can also increase their daily ad spend budgets to allow for more clicks. Here at Peak Digital Designs, we monitor and communicate results to provide the best information available.

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Paid Search Marketing creates opportunities for business owners to climb to the top of search rankings. Simply, if customers can’t find you, you can bet your competitors are reaching them!

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