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1Who Are We?
We are a digital marketing and website design company based in Great Falls, Montana. We provide innovative digital marketing services at cost effective rates with no long term contracts.
2What is the turn around time for creating a website?
In today’s highly competitive markets, a responsive website can be your most valuable tool. Prospective customers or clients gather and research many companies before selecting one that suits their needs. Once you have chosen Peak Digital Designs, we will set a budget and timeframe for completion. We pride ourselves for delivering on time and within budget. Generally, we have already completed the website before most companies have started.
3Can I afford a digital marketing company like Peak Digital Designs?
Absolutely, we offer several packages at competitive prices tailored to suit your needs. Our goal is to create lasting relationships and build strong company brands.
4How is digital marketing different than regular marketing?
Digital Marketing is everything online or web based: Web design, SEO, PPC, and email campaigns to name a few. There are many benefits of digital marketing, such as: Increased customer awareness and loyalty, promoting your brand, cost effective digital solutions, and transparent reporting.
5Does Social Media have an impact on my business?
Absolutely, people everywhere are on the internet searching, chatting, sharing pictures and stories all across the web. Social media reaches around the globe all at one time. The main focus with any campaign is to develop a budget, create relevant content, implement strategy, and monitor results.
6Should I include SEO in my marketing budget?
Yes, it is highly recommended. SEO services at Peak Digital Designs include on / off page optimization, link building tactics. We also offer and provide innovative, creative techniques to market and brand your image thru social media and shareable content.
7How effective are Google Adwords ?
Our trained Google Adwords specialist are highly trained and certified with many years of experience. Here at Peak Digital Designs we complete a careful examination of your account to develop an effective Adwords campaign, implement, and provide transparent results.


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