Transform your marketing strategy with Peak Digital Designs!

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Transform your marketing strategy with Peak Digital Designs!

Peak Digital Designs marketing team of experts integrate digital technology into all facets of marketing. We effectively create an online digital marketing strategyby developing short and long term goals. We address your marketing trends and challenges specific to your business.
Business owners start off with a dream, hope and inspiration to start a new company. Somewhere along the way it became complicated with managing employees, driving profits and finding a balance in your life. Digital marketing has become an integral part of marketing, and is a growing part in gaining new customers and building customer loyalty.
Peak Digital Designs professionals are here to help!

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Why we do it?

We are passionate about making a difference in the success of our clients business. As a business owner myself, passion drives me to excel. We provide innovative digital expertise to drive traffic to your doorstep.

We continually seek new opportunities to give your company a strong brand that is both meaningful and recognizable. Our goal is to make you the leader in your industry. Our commitment to you and your success is immeasurable.



I would like to personally take a moment and thank you for visiting our website. If you have found your way here, one must conclude you need some help managing your digital marketing.

My entire life I have dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and doing the best job I can for those in my journey through life. I encourage you to take a brief moment to reach out to us. Share your marketing concerns and give us an opportunity to see if we can help you. We are a caring and compassionate company. We pride ourselves on taking a personal interest in watching our client's business grow and succeed!

Mary E. Black


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Web development

Peak Digital Designs will custom tailor a responsive website design exclusively for your business. We will design, build, automate and publish your fully functional, completed website. It is extremely secure and reliable. Custom web designs reinforce your brand while improving search rankings.
Our innovative web designs are created to appeal to your style of business while promoting a professional image to build trust and gain new customers. Your advertising dollars will convert into revenue with a strategic digital marketing plan.

Online marketing

We optimize client’s return on investments. Our transparent marketing approach provides clients with insightful information to adjust and maintain their marketing strategy in a cost effective manner. Online marketing is important because it reflects how customers are making purchasing decisions and promotes customer loyalty while strengthening your brand.

Sales optimization

Maximize a sales team performance over variable lengths of time. Track and record various reporting measures, such as resources and financial statistics. Engage your organization with your business strategy and their role in achieving desired results. Have a clear strategy to outline specific short and long term goals. Having a specific plan with good information motivates your team.

Content strategy

Content is used to develop a strategy for how to create and market your business. It provides for specific content that is directly related to your business goals. Peak Digital Designs delivers with unique pages and relevant content to promote strong brand recognition and search engine optimization.


We are a digital marketing company based out of Montana. Here at Peak Digital Designs, you are the heart of our business. We hope to connect and engage with each of our clients. We want to listen to your story and why your business is important to you and your family.



The heart of our mission is to help our clients succeed. When we are entrusted with the responsibility to help shape a company’s success, we take that role seriously. We hope to build solid brands, encourage lasting customer loyalty, job creation, and promote economic growth.



Power Growth…It starts with Peak Digital Designs

Growth is a powerful tool in a company. It allows for expansion, stability for your workforce, and offers new opportunities. When it comes to the growth and success of your company, choose Peak Digital Designs.

  • Innovative Responsive Website Designs
  • Transparent Statistical Reporting
  • Cost Effective Digital Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) management
  • and more...

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Strategic planning for your business is a critical step to your success. We are here to assist you with growing your business and aid you with your digital marketing needs. Please take a moment and write us a message. We would love to hear from you.